Our Policy

About Passanger Insurance

Insurance Policy

This policy is aimed at educating our esteemed customers of our insurance policy on accident cases. Following international best practice, Benue Links as frontliners in transportation services, we offer our esteemed customers the best insurance coverage, our insurers "Niger Insurance Plc" undertake payment for any indemnities as a result of injuries or fatalities incurred during transit. Once a customer purchases a valid ticket he/she is 100% gauranteed of our insurance coverage as outlined below.

  • Death: N100,000
  • Parmenent Disability (PD): N100,000
  • Medical: N20,000

In cases of Death, payment will be made only to the verified next of Kin of the deceased as contained in the passangers manifest form. Customers are to ensure that thier details are always accurate and insist on collecting a ticket for the amount paid.

About Waybill

Policy on Waybill

This policy is aimed at clarifying the complications associated with waybill transactions with the company and her esteemed customers. For the sake of clarity, a waybill is a document issued by a carrier giving details and instructions relating to the shipment of a consignment of goods from its point of origin to its destination usually with terms of carriage. Consequently, the company wish to state explicitly that waybill services are not officially transacted by the company. Hence, this policy which aims at guiding prospective customers who wish to transact waybill services to note that any transaction of such nature is without the company's knowledge, hence the company will not be liable for any demage or loss. While the company remains steadfast in delivering on its mission, we wish to further assure our prospective customers of our resolve to continue to offer quality and improved transport services to all.